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Official Rules of Racquetball

12.5 - Timeouts

(a) Per Game. Each player is entitled to two 45-second timeouts per game. Calling a timeout when none remain will results in a technical foul and deduction of one point from the violator’s score.

(b) Between Games. The rest period between all games is 1½ minutes, except between games 4 and 5 when 2½ minutes are allowed.

(c) Wet Court. Player may leave the court to obtain a towel to dry the court, but neither player

may leave the court while it is being dried unless she officially calls a timeout.

(d) Equipment Timeouts. Players may only call an equipment timeout if both of her regular timeouts have been exhausted. Equipment must be deemed unsafe to use for an equipment timeout to be called. It cannot be used to change a wet glove. The maximum time allowed for an equipment timeout is 20 seconds.

(e) Injury Timeouts. A total of 15 minutes is allowed for an injury timeout in a match. The injury must be the result of direct contact with the opponent, ball, racquet, wall, or floor. The referee must stop play for any external bleeding so that the player may receive treatment or apply a bandage.