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Official Rules of Racquetball

3.5 - Delays

Except as noted in Rule 3.5 (b), the referee may call a technical foul for delays exceeding 10 seconds.

(a) The 10-second rule applies to the server and receiver simultaneously. Concurrently, they are allowed up to 10 seconds after the score is called to serve or be ready to receive. It is the server's responsibility to look and be certain the receiver is ready. If a receiver is not ready, they must signal by raising the racquet above the head or completely turning the back to the server. (These are the only two acceptable signals.)

(b) Serving while the receiving player/team is signaling “not ready” is a fault serve.

(c) After the score is called, if the server looks at the receiver and the receiver is not signaling “not ready”, the server may then serve. If the receiver attempts to signal “not ready” after that point, the signal shall not be acknowledged and the serve becomes legal.