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Official Rules of Racquetball

2.5 - Apparel

(a) All players must wear lensed eyewear that has been warranted by its manufacturer or distributor as (1) designed for use in racquetball and (2) meeting or exceeding the then current and full ASTM F803 standard. This rule applies to all persons, including those who wear corrective lenses. The eyewear must be unaltered and worn as designed at all times. A player who fails to wear proper eyewear will be assessed a technical foul and a timeout to obtain proper eyewear [see rule 3.17(a)(9)]. A second infraction in the same match will result in immediate forfeiture of the match.

Certifications & Compliance. The USAR maintains a reference list of eyewear so warranted by their manufacturers, and provides that list to each sanctioned event (an eyewear list dated more than 90 days prior to the first day of the tournament will be deemed invalid for the purpose of determining compliance with this eyewear rule). In addition, the list is available online at the website (indexed under “eyeguards”), and individual copies may be requested by calling the USAR National Office at (719) 635-5396.

To be used in sanctioned competition, protective eyewear must:

  • bear a permanent, physical stamp of the appropriate “ASTM-F803” citation on the frame itself
  • appear on the ASTM reference listing
  • bear the “Protective Eyewear Certification Council” [PECC] seal of approval for the ASTM standard
  • be certified in writing by the maker that it complies with the required ASTM standard (in this instance, the player must be able to provide written, adequate proof - on demand - at any sanctioned event, before such eyewear may be used).

(b) Clothing and Shoes. The clothing may be of any color; however, a player may be required to change wet, extremely loose fitting, or otherwise distracting garments. Insignias and writing on the clothing must be considered to be in good taste by the tournament director. Shoes must have soles, which do not mark or damage the floor.

(c) Equipment Requirements During Warm-up. Proper eyeguards [see 2.5(a)] must be worn and wrist cords must be used during any on-court warm-up period. The referee should give a technical warning to any person who fails to comply and assess a technical foul if that player continues to not comply after receiving such a warning.