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Official Rules of Racquetball

11.9 - Timeouts

(a) Per Game. Each player is entitled to one 1-minute timeout per game.

(b) Between Points. The player has 10 seconds from the end of the previous rally to put the ball in play.

(c) Between Games. The rest period between all games is 2 minutes, including between games 4 and 5.

(d) Equipment Timeouts. A player does not have to use regular timeouts to correct or adjust equipment, if the need for the change or adjustment is acknowledged by the referee as being necessary for fair and safe continuation of the match.

(e) Injury Timeout. Consists of two seven and one-half minute (7-1/2) timeouts within a match. Once an injury timeout is taken, the full seven and a half minutes (7-1/2) must be used, or it is forfeited.