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Official Rules of Racquetball

A.10 - Spectator Conduct

In the event of disruptive or threatening behavior on the part of any spectator, relative, parent, guardian, or coach at any USAR sanctioned event, the referee is empowered to address a first offense by enforcing sanction #1 detailed below. For additional infractions, the tournament director, or USAR official in attendance, either of their own accord or at the request of the referee, is empowered to enforce sanctions #2 and #3 as warranted.

  1. For the first offense: violator may watch, but not speak, while the athlete’s match is being played.
  2. For the second offense: violator may not watch the athlete’s match, but may remain within the building.
  3. For the third offense: violator will be removed from the club for the duration of the tournament, and pertinent authorities advised of the restriction. If a given situation so warrants, the tournament director or USAR official may invoke this sanction immediately and without previous offenses - in the interest of safety.