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Official Rules of Racquetball

2.4 - Racquet Specifications

(a) The racquet, including bumper guard and all solid parts of the handle, may not exceed 22 inches in length.

(b) The racquet frame may be any material judged safe.

(c) The racquet frame must include a cord that must be securely attached to the player's wrist.

(d) The string of the racquet must be gut, monofilament, nylon, graphite, plastic, metal, or a combination thereof, and must not mark or deface the ball.

(e) Using an illegal racquet will result in forfeiture of the game in progress or, if discovered between games, forfeiture of the preceding game. The penalty for playing with an otherwise legal racquet with a grip extending beyond the 22-inch limit if noted during the course of a game shall be a technical foul and a timeout to correct the problem. Subsequent violations will result in the loss of the game in process. If the challenged racquet is found to be within the 22-inch limit, then a timeout will be charged to the player who made the challenge.