Code of Conduct and Ethics

In keeping with the Constitution of the USAR, the Georgia Racquetball Association establishes the following principles as a basis for promoting participation in the sport of racquetball.

While attending any recognized function, the association expects its members and officers to conduct themselves in a way that promotes a positive image of racquetball in the eyes and minds of players, spectators, sponsors, media, and the public.


1. Play by the rules.  Know and follow the official playing rules.  All rules are important, but pay particular attention those rules dealing with safety, such as the use of proper eyeguards and holding up a shot or movement, whenever possible, rather than risk injury to your opponent.

2. Play in a positive spirit of good competition.  Don't stall, sulk, complain, or ridicule your opponent, yourself, or the tournament officials. Never make a mockery of a match--whether you're winning or losing. Don't use profanity or other abusive language, or engage in boisterous, raucous behavior.

3. As a spectator, don't interfere with on-court matters.

4. Win or lose in the spirit of fair play. Be gracious in victory and without excuses in defeat. Shake hands at the end of each match.

5. Help with officiating as called for on the tournament application. Understand the rules and know proper officiating techniques so that you are properly prepared to referee or line judge matches when called upon. Readily volunteer for such duties.

6. Treat the host facility as if belongs to you. Don't willfully abuse or damage the court surfaces or other furnishings and equipment at the facility.

7. Respect all policies, rules, and laws (club, state, and Federal) regarding the possession or consumption of alcohol and illegal substances. Never allow alcohol use to become excessive. The GRA expresslly prohibits the possession or use of illegal substances.

8. Respect the personal property of others. Safeguard your own property and encourage others to do the same. Report any suspicious activity that you observe to appropriate authorities.

9. Maintain your USAR/GRA membership in good standing. Don't expect to receive the benefits of membership (such as "Racquetball" magazine, state newsletter, tournament announcements, insurance coverage, and ranking/seeding services) without paying your annual dues.

Members who fail to follow the preceding are subject to possible disciplinary actions, including possible revocation and denial of membership, following the USAR's due-process procedures.